Bindass Kavya Yadav Height, Age, Family, Biography & More

Kavya Yadav is an Indian YouTuber who runs a daily vlog channel. In September 2022, she went viral on social media after Kavya reportedly went missing from her home.


Kavya Yadav was born on Wednesday, 30 March 2006 (age 16 years; as of 2022) in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. Kavya did her schooling at Shri Sharada Mandir Kanya Prashala, Aurangabad. Later, she pursued her junior college at Deogiri Institue of Science, Technology & Management Studies, Aurangabad. Kavya has been fascinated by makeup and acting since childhood.
A childhood image of Kavya Yadav

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 5″
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Black


Kavya Yadav belongs to a Marathi family in Aurangabad.

Parents & Siblings

Kavya Yadav’s father, Suraj Yadav, is a government contractor.
Kavya Yadav and her father, Suraj Yadav
Kavya Yadav’s mother, Anu Yadav, is a lawyer.
Kavya Yadav and her mother, Anu Yadav
Kavya Yadav has two brothers named Cheeku and Krishna Yadav.
Kavya Yadav and her younger brother, Cheeku
Kavya Yadav and her brother, Krishna Yadav

Husband & Children

As of 2022, Kavya Yadav is unmarried.


Kavya Yadav follows Hinduism.


In 2018, Kavya Yadav started her self-titled YouTube channel, Bindass Kavya Yadav. On her Youtube channel, she posts vlogs related to lifestyle and makeup.
Kavya Yadav in a still from her first YouTube video ‘My New Hairstyle’ on her YouTube channel ‘Bindass Kavya’ (2018)
In 2018, she started another YouTube channel, Bindass Kavya Gaming in which she uploads videos related to gaming.
A still from Kavya Yadav’s gaming channel named “Bindass Kavya Gaming” first YouTube video titled ‘OMG! Last Zone me sab mujse milne aye’


On 9 September 2022, Kavya Yadav went missing from her home after getting into a heated argument with her parents. Later, on 10 September 2022, Kavya’s parents, Suraj Yadav and Anu Yadav started a Livestream on Kavya’s YouTube channel titled ‘Bindass Kavya is missing please search our daughter.’ In the live stream, Kavya’s father said,
We have been looking for her since last night,” and “if anyone sees her, please let us know.Plz help us our 16 years daughter kavya yadav is missing frm 2pm 9 sept.”

Reportedly, on the same day, Kavya Yadav was found by Government Railway Police at a train station in Itarsi. Itarsi was approximately 321 miles away from Kavya Yadav’s home in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Itarsi Government Railway Police sub-inspector, Vibhendu Vyanktesh Tandia, said that the Government Railway Police of Itarsi found Kavya Yadav in a sleeper coach of the Kushinagar Express which was coming from Bhusawal on Saturday and later handed her over to her family According to media sources, Kavya Yadav fled from her home after she was scolded by her father for poor academics. While speaking about the same, Kavya Yadav said,
I got angry and I left the house without taking my mobile. I was going to Lucknow by train. Meanwhile, the police caught me.”
Bindass Kavya after reuniting with her parents after she was founded by the railway police at the Itarsi railway station


  • Kavya Yadav is also known by the name Dibu.
  • Initially, Kavya Yadav was popular for making short lip-sync and dance videos on TikTok, a video-sharing platform; however, in 2020, Kavya’s TikTok account got terminated for some unknown reasons. In a media interview, Kavya Yadav talked about this and said,
    I had uploaded the video to TikTok and then I just called in for the night. The next morning around 6 am when I checked my phone, my ID had got disabled somehow. I had got very upset because I had just lost a year’s hard work within a night. My mother was supporting me in those difficult times, she consoled me saying that we’ll talk with the concerned authorities of TikTok but didn’t get any reply from them. It was a very hard time, I was ill for a fortnight or so but then I tried to overcome it. I made another TikTok ID and moved on.
  • In a media interview, Kavya Yadav talked about her career and said that although she excelled in extra-academic activities like dancing and acting, her academic performance was poor. Further, she added that she was inclined towards acting since childhood. She quoted,
    My parents know I am not that great academically. They know I was always interested in other activities like dancing or acting and they encouraged me for that. It is my mother’s dream to see me as an established actress. Also, since I was a little girl it was my dream to become an actress. I used to see all these artists perform on the TV or in movies and I want to become like them.”
  • Kavya Yadav, in an Instagram post, revealed that she started her schooling when she was studying in 3rd standard. She had never been to school before that.
  • Kavya Yadav follows a vegetarian diet; nevertheless, Kavya, in a YouTube vlog which was titled ‘Eating Nonveg For The 1st Time,’ ate a dish of chicken after she accepted a challenge by her subscriber to try non-veg.
    An image of Kavya Yadav eating chicken; snip from Kavya Yadav’s YouTube vlog titled “Eating Nonveg For the 1st Time Challenge My Big Mistake Ever”
  • In an interview in 2020, Kavya Yadav talked about her career in the entertainment industry and shared that she wanted to make her acting debut with a Marathi film. she quoted,
    First of all, I want to start working in the Marathi film industry or TV industry and then if I receive offers I’ll move to other film industries. I am very adamant about my goal to become an actress. I have this resolve that I won’t rest until I become an actress.
  • In 2022, Kavya Yadav appeared in a Marathi music album ‘Sadi Maharashtrachi Shan.’
    Kavya Yadav (centre) in the poster of the Marathi music video Sadi Maharashtrachi Shan (2022)
  • Kavya Yadav is a dog lover and has a pet dog named Chop. She often posts pictures and videos of Chop on her social media handle.
    Kavya Yadav and her pet dog, Chop
  • Kavya Yadav is a fitness enthusiast. She often shares updates about her fitness regime on her YouTube vlogs. She shared a vlog of her morning workout routine which was titled ‘How I Grow My Height In 3 Years? My Morning Workout Routine For Teenage Girls.’
    Kavya Yadav in a still from her YouTube vlog How I Grow My Height In 3 Years? My Morning Workout Routine For Teenage Girls

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