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Bhavin Rabari is an Indian actor who is popularly known for his performance in a Gujarati language film – ‘Chhello Show’ (trans. The Last Film Show) – which is an international award-winning film, and a strong contender at the Oscars. Bhavin appeared as ‘Samay’ (protagonist) in the film.


Bhavin Rabari was born in 2012 (age 10 years; as of 2022). Growing up in Gujarat brought a big opportunity to Bhavin to be part of the multi-award-winning film ‘Chhello Show’ as the director of the film, Pan Nalin, was looking for a candidate for the role of protagonist (Samay) who was supposed to belong to Gujarat only.

Physical Appearance

Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Black


Bhavin belongs to a Gujarati family.

Parents & Siblings

Bhavin’s father drives luxury coaches between cities in Gujarat, India.

Caste/ Community

Bhavin Rabari belongs to the Rabari community in Gujarat, India.



Bhavin made his debut with a Gujarati language film ‘Chhello Show’ in 2022. He appeared as ‘Samay’ in the film.
Bhavesh Shrimali as Fazal (left) and Bhavin Rabari as Samay (right) in ‘Last Film Show’


  • In an interview, Pan Nalin revealed that Bhavin was one of the around 3,000 candidates who was selected for the role of protagonist.
  • According to the sources, Bhavin, along with others, had to be trained to put on a microphone on their head.
  • Reportedly, Bhavin and the co-child actors followed a routine which included yoga, meditation, completing school homework, and then moving to different locations to know about them.
  • In an interview, Pan Nalin praised the performance of Bhavin Rabari in the movie on the whole; however, the director mentioned a particular scene where Bhavin had to shoot a scene using 35mm celluloid prints, and commended his performance with that as it was dangerous and could cause deep cuts if someone would have fallen on that. Pan Nalin said,
    Rehearsing that scene, we realised there was great danger involved; if you fall on these prints the wrong way the razor-sharp edges can cause deep cuts. But our young actor Bhavin Rabari brilliantly performed the scene not only once but five times!”
  • According to Pan, a song titled ‘that dude is cool’ from the film was dedicated to Bhavin Rabari. He added that almost the entire hope and future of the film was laid on the shoulders of Bhavin.

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