“Arunima Sinha” the story of the brave daughter’s courage

Arunima Sinha

Everyone has a goal in life, some goals write their success stories, and some stories become inspiration for others. Often when we are at such a point where we feel that perhaps this is the end of our story, many times the same ending is the beginning of a new success story.

As happened with Arunima Sinha. Arunima Sinha is the first Indian disabled woman to climb Mount Everest who was earlier known as a volleyball player. He is considered a symbol of inspiration in India who won Mount Everest without a leg. Mount everest The mountain in the Himalayan mountain range is known as the highest mountain in the world. Mount Everest has a height of 29,002 feet.

It is also difficult for the common people to climb the highest peak of the world, in such a situation, conquering this disabled woman is not less than a dream. But it is said that the way of life and your courage gives you every difficulty. Perhaps that is why Arunima Sinha could also do this feat.

But how did this story begin, was Arunima Sinha disabled since childhood, did Arunima Sinha always want to climb Mount Everest? So let us know the brave daughter of the country of India, “The story of the courage of Arunima Sinha –


“Arunima Sinha” story of brave daughter’s courage – Arunima Sinha Biography

Arunima Sinha was born on 20 July 1988 in Uttar Pradesh. He lost his father in three years. She was interested in sports since childhood so she became a national volleyball player. And over time, Arunima Sinha’s goal was to identify her country at the international level in the area of ​​Valiwal.
Arunima Sinha’s work was not lacking. And his family members were also sure that one day Arunima will fulfill her dream, but not necessarily as much as she would like. An accident dramatically changed his life.
The accident was such that the night of April 12, 2011, when Arunima Sinha was coming to Delhi from Lucknow on Padmavati Express. At the same time, some thieves attacked the train at night and tried to pull Arunima’s gold chain. When Arunima opposed him, those thieves threw Arunima from the moving train.
A leg of Arunima fell under the train after falling from the train. She lay on the train track all night, and more than 49 trains were leaving her on foot but she was unable to protect herself. In the morning, the villagers took him to the hospital with a serious injury and the doctor cut his leg below his knee to save his life.
He was brought to All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi for further treatment and spent four months in the institute. Arunima was put on prosthetic legs and advised full bed rest. Arunima’s family felt that perhaps her daughter’s future is now in the dark as she has become disabled.

Arunima Sinha Career

He has decided to do something mentally better after his accident. Arunima could no longer play Valiwal. But in the meantime Arunima’s desire to climb Mount Everest started awakening. Because Arunima wanted to answer all those people who thought that maybe now she will not be able to do anything in life. So he has won the Mount Everest, leaving his volleyball career.
Hearing his decision, doctors and others started talking that he had a problem with his brain. But she was really determined and wanted the dream to turn into reality.
Inspired by cricketer Yuvraj Singh, after being released from the hospital, she went to the first Indian woman Mount Everest winner Bachendri Pal. Bachendri Pal also refused to give training to Arunima due to her condition.
But then Bachendri Pal also had to kneel in front of Arunima’s stubbornness. He then started training under the instruction of Bachendri Pal. Arunima Sinha completed her training under the supervision of Parvatrohi Bachendri Pal and on 21 May 2013 created a new history by conquering the world’s highest peak Mount Everest and becoming the first disabled Indian woman to do so.
Meanwhile, there was a time when the whole team of Arunima asked him to return. But Arunima Sinha did not give up and hoisted the flag of India by reaching Mout Everest.

Arunima Sinha received the honor – Arunima Sinha Awards

In 2015, Sinha was awarded the Padma Shri, India’s fourth highest civilian award. In December 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched his book ‘Born Again on the Mountain’.
After knowing this success story of Arunima Sinha ji, we get Sikhs that there is never a moment in life where you cannot move forward. But a little courage and courage is needed, and after that the path itself is ready. And anyway, what is the floor that has easy roads?
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